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UAE National Day Song- Designs [Latest] 2018

UAE National Day Song: Every UAE national day song gives the message of unity and togetherness.

The nation follows the religion of Islam.

The national day songs are full of enthusiasm and in these songs, the people of Emirates pray to God to protect their beloved country.

We should work hard at the national level and should never refrain from every sort of sacrifice for our country.

There are lots of UAE national day songs and the purpose of all these songs is to depict true passions of the heart.

People are gathered in the streets and sing the UAE national day song and anthem.

UAE National Day Song

National song of every country is designed to praise the beloved homeland of people.

So that their country may progress at much greater level.

As a national song has a power on its own and we should also have the same power and motivation within us.

UAE National Day Official Song ( Video Credit du telecom )

The UAE songs Arabic have lyrics which symbolize national unity.

The people are motivated to work for the betterment of their country.

UAE National Day Special Song

These national songs make us remember the heroic sacrifices made by our national heroes.

There was a time when people had no independence of their own.

Then the time came when seven emirates were united in 1971.

United Arab Emirates Song يا علمنا — فرقة المثايل الحربية

We have a collection of national songs and we also give you a chance for UAE national day song mp3 download for you.

All these songs have special lyrics which are written to evoke the passions of unity, togetherness, and motivation.

We have compiled the national day songs for you which are sung by popular singers and musicians.

You can listen to these songs online from our website.

The download option will allow you to download these national songs of UAE.

I hope you like our UAE national day songs collection.

UAE National Day Designs  

UAE National Day Designs

47th UAE National Day Designs

46th UAE National Day Designs

46th UAE National Day Designs

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