UAE National Day 2021

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UAE National Day Drawings [2021]

UAE National Day Drawings 2021: The person of every age group expresses his love for the country.

In the same way on UAE national day, we see kids praise their country through UAE national day drawings.

A number of activities are performed at school level where the children make drawings depicting the UAE flag, map, national heroes, and falcon.

The activity is done with great attention and interest on little kids.

These are the pre-national day activities at schools.

When the national day comes, their drawings are displayed on the soft boards to appreciate the work of children so that next time they can work more passionately.

UAE National Day Drawings 2021

The colors used in the drawings are green, red, white and black.

The kids normally use pencil colors in their drawings.

The adults and teenagers who are mature and more experienced use water colors and poster colors in their UAE national day drawings and paintings.

Kids are more interested in making drawings of flag, date trees and camels.

The parents are pleased to see their children actively participating in UAE national celebrations at the school level.

The children can also make these drawing at home and you can put them on display in their rooms as well.

The basic purpose of UAE national day drawings in to evoke the spirit of the national day among children.

They must know the importance of their country.

They should learn the importance of national struggle on the part of their heroes. So that in their future, these children be the great contributors in the progress of their country.

So the parents, as well as teachers, should encourage the children to take part in drawing competitions in schools arranged on UAE national day.

These innocent drawings are appreciated by distributing gifts to their makers.

Such type of national day activities must be a part of every institution.

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