UAE National Day 2021

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UAE National Day Celebration at Night

UAE National Day Celebration at Night: Celebrating UAE national day is the dream of every person living in the UAE Emirates.

When the celebration is a small level like at home or office then simple the use of balloons, buntings, and stickers serve the purpose.

People desperately wait for the night time to capture the view of UAE national day celebration at night.

The darkness of night is gone with the spark of fireworks that illuminate the whole sky.

The fireworks are arranged in the specific colors of the UAE flag.

No one ever thinks of missing the captivating site.

People from far away destinations are gathered to have a look at the night view of fireworks.

The crowd is thrilled and excited because they had been waiting for this day for the start of the year.

UAE National Day Celebration at Night

The UAE national anthem and with pleasing background music is part and parcel of the celebrations.

The pride and honor of national day are enhanced through the parade, fireworks and other performances.

The firecrackers give us an illusion of daytime because the skin is lighted to the full.

When the most pleasing site is when the fireworks are reflected in the water.

The sparkling water is like heaven on earth.

Children are electrified because the designs of fireworks are of the unique variety.

The sparkling lights spread in every corner that depicts the success of the country towards every corner of the world.

The view of UAE national day celebration at night time is remembered for many days after the ceremony.

People capture pictures and make movies with their family and friends.

These memorable moments remain with them forever.

The background of pictures with fireworks is such a view you have not seen before.

Everybody wears beautiful dresses and become a part of the celebrations.

Little girls wear frocks matching with the colors of UAE flag.

So the scene of UAE national day celebration at night is worth watching for everybody.

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