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Dua E Qunoot- Arabic and English Meaning and The Importance

Dua E Qunoot:Qunut” (Arabic: القنوت‎; also transliterated Qunoot) literally means “being obedient” or “the act of standing” in Classical Arabic. The word Dua is Arabic for supplication, so the longer phrase Dua Qunut is sometimes used.

Al-Qunoot has many linguistic meanings, such as humility, obedience, and devotion. However, it is more understood to be a special du’a which is recited during the prayer. (Wikipedia)

Dua E Qunoot in Arabic

Dua E Qunoot

Dua E Qunoot in English

Allah humma inna nasta-eenoka
wa nastaghfiruka
wa nu’minu bika
wa natawakkalu alaika
wa nusni alaikal khair,
wa nashkuruka
wala nakfuruka
wa nakhla-oo
wa natruku mai yafjuruka,

Allah humma iyyaka na’budu
wa laka nusalli
wa nasjudu
wa ilaika nas aaa
wa nahfizu
wa narju rahma taka
wa nakhshaa azaabaka inna azaabaka bil kuffari mulhikun

Dua E Qunoot English Translation 

O, Allah! We implore you alone for help and beg forgiveness from You alone, And believe in You and rely on You, And praise You for all the good things, And we are grateful to You and not ungrateful to You, And we turn away and give up him who disobeys you.

O, Allah! You alone do we worship,  And for You do we pray and bow before You alone, And we hasten to please You and we fear Your severe punishment,  And we hope for Your Mercy and fear Your admonishment, your severe punishment is going to overtake the unbelievers.

Dua E Qunoot Urdu Translation (Tarjuma)

Dua E Qunoot Urdu


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