UAE National Day 2021

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20+ UAE National Day Flag Images, Pictures 2021

UAE National Day Flag Images: National Day Flag Images of UAE. The National day of UAE is celebrated on 2nd December every year.

This day has historical importance when all the seven emirates gathered to form one independent country.

UAE is honored by all the nations of the world.

Every emirate vigorously celebrates this national pride and Dubai is at the top.

Different activities take place that includes the display of National day flag images, traditional dance performances, concerts and parades to evoke national spirit.

The glorious heritage of the country is paid tribute every year by the people of every class.

Fireworks are seen illuminating the sky that arises a wave of happiness among the people of the country.

The UAE flag comprises of four colors that include white, green, black and red.

National day flag images consisting of these colors have their own symbolic importance.

When we talk about every color separately then you must know that white color represents peace and harmony.

Green for fertility, optimism, joy, and happiness. Red stands for bravery, courage, and strength.

Finally, the black colors represent the strength of mind along with the defeat of enemies.

UAE National Day Flag Images

There is excitement seen among the people for the celebration of this national day.

People especially make their dress with the colors of the UAE flag to be one with their country.

Now when we talk about the celebration then people decorate their homes with lights, buntings, and National day flag images.

There is a national holiday on this day which gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate in the way they like.

The streets are also celebrated and when you take a drive across the street, you hear the UAE national and patriotic songs.

People exchange gifts and sweets with each other because it is the day of celebration for all.

Another interesting thing to note is the setup of heritage villages to celebrate the big day traditionally.

UAE National Day Flag Images 2021

UAE National Day flag Images

UAE National Day flag Image

Happy UAE National Day Flag Images

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UAE National Day Images

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UAE National Day


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