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15+ UAE Flag Cartoon [2017]

UAE Flag Cartoon: When we talk about UAE then the first thing that comes in our mind is UAE flag.

The flag of United Arab Emirates is very important among which Abu Dhabi is the capital.

All the seven emirates have their own state flags but the federal flag is the same for the states of UAE.

The basic flag colors are white and red with different patterns.

On a national day, we often see the UAE flag cartoon.

The idea of cartoon looks very stylish as well as decent.

Apart from the conventional ways of celebration, it is a modern way to express love for your country UAE.

UAE National Day Flag Cartoon

UAE National Day Flag Cartoon Ideas

Here we will share with you 15+ UAE flag cartoon ideas.

UAE National Day Flag Cartoon

UAE National Day Flag Cartoon Free

46th UAE National Day Flag Cartoon

Children are often attracted towards cartoon pictures.

If you want that your children know the importance of their country and participate in the national day celebration then make UAE flag cartoons for them.

These cartoons are seen wearing the national dress of UAE.

Apart from that, your cartoon can also have dress painted with the UAE flag colors.

These cartoons appeal everyone with their ravishing colors.

You will find 15+ UAE flag cartoon with this article.

The idea of UAE flag cartoon is very thrilling.

In the schools, the children show their great interest in coloring and painting of the national day flag.

In the background of the UAE national day flag, you can see the Arabic couple or a boy dancing.

There can be so many variations with the UAE flag.

In some other cartoon pictures, we can see the emblem of the United Arab Emirates which shows a falcon, there are seven stars that represent the seven emirates.

One can count the feathers of the falcon that are also seven in number.

I hope you like our collection of UAE flag cartoon.

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