Jumma Mubarak Gif, Pics New For 2019 Free Download

Jumma Mubarak Gif: Assalam O Alaikum to all Muslims from all over the world. I hope you are all will be fine In sha Allah. All of us know that Jumma Mubarak is blessed day. It is the important day in Islam. On this blessed day, Muslims pray a special prayer name Jumma prayer. Mostly Islamic states celebrated the holiday on every Friday (Jumma).

Jumma Mubarak is the best day of the week.

Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) had said, “We (Muslims) came last and yet we are the first on the day of judgment. They have received the books before us (meaning Torah and Injil). We have received the book after them (meaning the Qur’an). Friday was their day to be glorified. However, they disputed on that while Allah had told us Friday is the day to glorify. Thus they will follow us. The Jews glorify Saturday, and the Christians glorify Sunday.”

Also reported by Imam Muslim, Abo-Dawod, Al-Nesaii, and Al-Termithi, that Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) had said, “The best day during which the sun have risen is Friday. It is the Day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered paradise and also when he was taken out from it. It is also the day on which the day of judgment takes place.”

We are trying our best to deliver you the best Jumma Mubarak content. In this article here we have the special Jumma Mubarak Gif for you and also we have the special collection of Jumma Mubarak pics for 2018.

Jumma Mubarak Gif and Pics New

Jumma Mubarak Gifs. It almost starts in 2019. We have the amazing Gifs for Jumma Mubarak. People are searching new quality gifs, pics for this special day. Here we have the best gif images, pics for Friday. We hope you enjoying my work. JazakAllah

Jumma Mubarak Gif


Jumma Mubarak Gifs



Jumma Gif

Friday Gif

Friday Gifs

Jumma Gif Images

Jumma Mubarak Gif

Jummah Gif

Jumma Mubarak Gif



***Best*** Ever Jumma Mubarak Images, Quotes & Wishes in 2019 [Latest]

Jumma Mubarak Images: Jumma Mubarak Quotes 2019. Assalam o Alikum! Happy Friday to all Muslims.Jumma Mubarak is blessed day for Muslims. On this special day, Muslims performs special Jumma Prayer.  Jumma day is the big reward for Muslims. Jumma is the best ever day.

Jumma Mubarak Images, Quotes and Wishes
Jumma Mubarak images, quotes and wishes. Here we have the amazing fresh collection of Jumma Mubarak in 2019. Download these images quotes, wishes and share with your friends.

Jumma Mubarak Quotes

Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anyone there is always something to make you wounder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf  ( Have A Wonderful Friday )

Jumma Mubarak Images 2018

The Prophet (PBUH) Said: 

You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness (Jummah Mubarak)

Jumma Mubarak Images

May Allah shower his countless blessing on you and your family today and every day, Ameen

Jummah Mubarak

Jumma Mubarak Pics 2018

The Friday prayer in congregation is an obligation on every single Muslim

Expect for four:

  • An owned slave
  • A woman
  • A Child
  • A sick person

Jumma Mubarak Pics Fb

Jumma Mubarak Saying

There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes du’a in it, his du’a will definitely be accepted

[Bukhari, Muslim]

Jumma Mubarak Status


Keep Praying, No matter what is is you seek.

Impossibility and possibility are merely concepts of your mind for Allah,

Nothing is Impossible  “””Jummah Mubarak”””

Jumma Mubarak Images in English

Jumma English Images

None of you can be a believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself

=== Jummah Mubarak ===

Jumma Quotes Images

On Friday there is an hour when, if a Muslim happens to pray that time and ask Allah for something good

He will give it to him

Jumma Mubarak

In light of Friday, Shine in the house,

and the strength of the magnetic body

and always hold in your heart.

((((((Happy Jummah Mubarak))))))

Today I pray that:

Happiness be at your door

May it knocks early

Stay late & love the gift of Allah peace,

Joy & good

health behind 

Jumma Mubarak!

Jumma Mubarak

                           ———>>>>>>>>>>Jumma Mubarak<<<<<<<<<<———–

Believers, when it was announced Friday prayers that the rush to celebrate God and drop all business


Jummah Pic Art

Jummah Status

Jummah Status

Jummah wish


Pic Jummah

Jumma Mubarak Facebook Status

These are the best 2018 Jumma Mubarak images, quotes, wishes, and SMS. Download these images and quotes and share with your friends. 



{{2019}} Best Beautiful Islamic Quotes about Life With Images In Arabic, Urdu and English

Islamic Quotes: Best Islamic quotes about life. Islamic quotes in Arabic. Islamic quotes in Urdu and English. Asslam O Alikum! Islam is the beautiful religion. Our Muslim brothers and Sisters are searching Islamic quotes; stop searching! You are at the right place the good news is we have the best quality Islamic quotes with images for all Muslim. And the 2nd thing is we have the complete package of Quotes about Islam with HD images. For our Arabic brothers and sisters, we have Islamic quotes in Arabic so that they can easily read and share these quotes. Bellow is the complete package of Islamic Quotes 2019.

Islamic Quotes about Life 2019

  • Islamic Quotes in English
  • Islamic Quotes in Urdu
  • Islamic Quotes in Arabic

Islamic Quotes About Life in English

Islamic Quotes in English: For those who want Islamic quotes in the English language we have an amazing package for the English language. You can easily understand these quotes and also you can easily download these quotes images.

Islamic Quotes In English

So what if this life isn’t perfect? It’s not Jannah  (Noman Ali Khan)

Islamic Quotes About Death

Death Quote

When we hear of someone death

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhu rahiun

To Allah we belong and Him we return

Islamic Quotes About Life Ahdith

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

The way block the eyes of the Jinn from seeing the private parts of the children of Adam is for one to say Bismillah when he takes off his clothes

Islamic Quotes About Life In English 1

Being a Muslim is about changing yourself, Not changing Islam

Islamic Quotes About Life In English

Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it

Islamic Quotes About Life In English 1080

And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement and indeed, the home of the hereafter

Islamic Quotes About Life In English 2018

Islamic Quotes About Life In English Dua

Islamic Quotes About Life In English Hazrat Ali

Imam Ali (AS) Quote

Sucess is the result of foresight and resolution, foresight depends upon deep thinking and planning, and the most important factor of planning is to keep secrets to yourself.

Islamic Quotes About Life In English Image

Islamic Quotes About Life In English

If you are in doubt ask Allah perform Salat Istikharah

Islamic Quotes About Life In English Images

Islamic Quotes About Life In HD

Islamic Quotes About Life

Problem Quotes about Life

The solution to every problem is in

sabar (patience) and Isigfaar(Seeking forgiveness)

Islamic Quotes About Life Relation

Islamic Quotes About prayer

Islamic Quotes English

Umar Quotes

Umar Quotes

Sometimes the people with the worst past create the best future.

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Rdi

Islamic Quotes about Life in Urdu

Islamic Quotes about life in Urdu: Welcome to our website! Urdu is the mother language of Pakistan. We have the special collection of Islamic Quotes about life in the Urdu language.

Islamic Quotes About Life In Urdu

Islamic Quotes Urdu 2018

Islamic Quotes Urdu For Facebook

Islamic Quotes Urdu For WhatsApp

Islamic Quotes Urdu HD

Islamic Quotes Urdu Images

Islamic Quotes Urdu With Images

Islamic Quotes Urdu

Urdu Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes about Life in Arabic

Here we have the best Islamic quotes in Arabic.

Arabic Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quote Arabic

Islamic Quotes About Life In Arabic

Islamic Quotes Arabic 2018

Islamic Quotes Arabic HD

Islamic Quotes Arabic Images

Islamic Quotes In Arabic

Islamic Quotes

Ma sha Allah Share these Islamic quotes with your friends.

Hijab Quotes+ Modesty Quotes with Images For 2019

Hijab Quotes: Modesty quotes with images. Asslam O Alikum! Welcome to my blog once again. I hope you are all fine and enjoying good health. Alhamdulillah, I am here with the beautiful Hijab quotes. These quotes collection is especially collecting for Muslim girls. All the sisters can easily download and share these collections with friends and families.

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Hijab Quotes

Hijab Quotes

Hijab Quotes 1

Quotes Of hijab 2

Hijab 2018

Hijab Quote

Hijab Quotes 2018

Hijab Quotes FB

Hijab Quotes Images

Hijab Quotes Quran

Hijab Quotes Tumblr

Hijab Quotes Wallpapers

Hijab cover

Quotes Hijab

Quotes of Hijab

Quran Quotes- Beautiful Verses in Arabic, Urdu and English

Quran Quotes: Asslam O Alikum! Welcome to all Muslims on my website. Alhamdulillah, I am here with you and today I am going to share such a beautiful Quran quotes and Verses. In sha Allah you people can easily understand. Ma Sha Allah Quran helps us in every moment of life.

What is Quran Pak

The Quran, the last revealed word of God, is the primary source of every Muslim’s faith and practice.  It deals with all the subjects which concern human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, transactions, law, etc., but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures.  At the same time, it provides guidelines and detailed teachings for a just society, proper human conduct, and an equitable economic system.

Quran Quotes With Images 

Quran Quotes

And put your trust in Allah, and sufficient is Allah as a Trustee/Disposer a affairs

Quran Quotes in English

Whoever is not grateful to the people, he is not grateful to Allah.

Quran Quotes in Arabic

And my success can only come from Allah

Quran Quotes Images

I seek refuge in Allah from being among the ignorant.

Quran Quotes About Life

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah

Quran Quotes 2018

You alone we worship; you alone we ask for help

Quran Quotes 11

My Lord, have mercy upon them [my parents] as they brought me up [when I was] small

Quran Quotes

Surely my Lord is with me. He will guide me through

Quran Quotes 13

Verily We: It is we who have sent down the Dhikr(i.e Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)

Quran Quotes 14

And your Lord says. “Call upon me; I will respond to you

Quran Quotes 15

Does he not know that God sees?

Quran Quotes 16

Do not lose hope, nor be sad

Quran Quotes 17

Don’t fear I am with you.


Quran Quotes 19

Verily Allah forgives all sins

Quran Quotes 20

If you are grateful, I will give you more.

Quran Quotes 21

So be patient indeed. the promise of Allah is the Truth

Quran Quotes 22

Quran Quotes 23

My Lord neither errs nor forgets

Quran Quotes 24

My Lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me.

Quran Quotes 25

Mankind was created weak

Quran Quotes 26

I will call upon my Rabb and I am sure my prayers to my Rabb will not be ignored

Quran Quotes 27+

Therefore, endure with graceful patience.

{Beautiful} Quotes About Islam With Images (New 2019)

Assalam O Alaikum! I hope you are all will be fine in sha Allah. Today, I am sharing with you the best beautiful quotes about Islam in sha Allah I hope you will be like these quotes. These quotes are presenting with beautiful Islamic quotes images.

Quotes About Islam

Quotes about Islam. Islam is the name of peace. Here we have the best quotes about Islam with high quality images.

Quotes About Islam

“The strength of love that comes with the truest commitment with the God and the implementation of his teachings”

Allah’s timing is perfect in every matter. We don’t always understand the wisdom behind it. But we have to learn to trust it.

Allah understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say Them.

Tawakkul is having full faith that ALLAH will take care of you even when things look Impossible.

Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it.

One who remembers ALLAH is never AloneLY.


Nimaz Quotes

The power and endless amount of fortunate bliss that comes along the way when you devote yourself to the existence and belief in Allah.

Islamic Quotes

“That being on the right path of the religion, will lead you towards the right path and that is the path of Allah and what He wants you to follow.”

Allah made you muslim because he wants to see you in JANNAH. All you have to do is prove that you’re worthy of it.

Quotes Of Islam in Arabic

“About how much Allah loves those who believe in asking Him, and that once again reflects on the fact of how powerful and impacting dua is and can be.”

“No matter what your physical appearance, when you have kindness in your heart, You’re the most beautiful person in the world. – Mufti Ismail Menk

I said to Allah, “I hate life.” He replied, “Who asked you to love life? Just love me and life will beautiful.

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have. Say Alhamdulillah every moment of life.

“Husbands and wives, if you guys don’t have a beautiful marriage, a loving marriage, a romantic marriage you are ruining your eeman! You have to have a marriage so awesome that you don’t have to look at the character of a movie or a play and say ‘i wish i had a marriage like this’, your marriage should be better than that because otherwise, Sheytan will come to each one of you and say ‘man i wonder, is there anything better out there, why am I stuck in this?’ Both husband and wife have to work hard to make their relationship work not for yourselves but for your eeman!” ( Nouman Ali Khan )

“Sabr is not remaining quiet and allowing anger to build up inside you. Sabr is to talk about what’s bothering you without losing control of your emotions.”

Nouman Ali Khan

Islamic Quotes in Arabic

“About how true love continues till a good lifetime and does not simply end with death. But this love has to be justified and in accordance with what Islam has offered or also it will lose its meaning.”

“It is not true that if we had true faith we would not be sad. Prophets (as), and righteous people experienced a great deal of sadness. The Quran is full of stories in which the central theme is sadness. Sadness is a reality of life. The Quran is not there to eliminate sadness, but to navigate it. Sadness is one of the tests of life, just as happiness, and anger are tests.”

Nouman Ali Khan

Islam Quotes

 “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

“Islam didn’t make it Haram for you to fall in love. It didn’t forbid you from wanting someone. It only guides that love so it protects you, her, your families and especially saves you from humiliation on judgment day. If you love her so much, why are you ok with letting her engage in this questionable relationship knowing full well that she will have to answer Allah just like you will. You don’t love her enough to save her from that?”

Nouman Ali Khan

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Islamic Quotes

“After asking Allah to guide you to the straight path, don’t just stand there … start walking!”

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

“O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness).”

Best Islamic Quotes

You never know which good deed could be your ticket to Jannah

Short Islamic Quotes

The happiest people are those who have found that Allah is enough

Best Quotes About Islam

Do not lose hope nor be sad

Allah Quotes

O Allah I want my love for you to grow every day

Islamic Quotes Images

They plan and Allah plans Allah is the best of planners

Islamic Quotes About Love

There is no deity expect you; exalted are you. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers.

Islamic Quotes Urdu

Allah knows what He is doing have patience.

Truth Quotes

Speak the truth

Islamic Quotes About Life With Images

Iman is of two halves; Half is patience (sabr), and half is being thankful(shukr)

Quotes Of Islam

Oh Allah, you are the best givers, so give me the best

Allah Quotes

Start with Bismillah

End with Alhamdullilah

Appreciate with Subhan’Allah

Hope with In sha Allah

And life will be blessed by Allah

Pray Quotes

To sin is to be human, to repent is to be Muslim

Islamic Quotes 2018

“When everything seems to be against you. Remember Allah is with you.”

“If Allah puts anyone in the position of authority over the Muslims’ affairs and he secludes himself (from them), not fulfilling their needs, wants, and poverty, Allah will keep Himself away from him, not fulfilling his need, want, and poverty.”

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

Allah heard you today. Just be patient.

Latest Islamic Quotes

“O Allah thank you for choosing me to be Muslim”

“Strange are the matters of believers. For him there is good in all his affairs, and this is so only for the believer. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful (shukr), and that is good for him; and when something displeasing happens to him he is enduring patience (sabr) and that is good for him.”

Islamic Wallpapers- {HD 3D 1080P} Download Free For Mobile, IPhone and PC

Islamic Wallpapers: Download Islamic wallpapers free. Islamic wallpapers, pictures in HD for your mobile and pc. Asslam O Alikum! I am here again with the beautiful Islamic wallpapers. Islam is the beautiful religion. Alhamdulillah, we are all Muslim. I have collected a number of Islamic wallpapers collections from the different source. These Islamic wallpapers are best for your Android, iPhone and also for social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. These Wallpapers are in high-quality resolution. The best Islamic wallpapers for 2018.

Islamic Wallpapers Free Download

Download these Islamic wallpapers free. Downloading method is mention below.

  • Click/press on your desired wallpaper.
  • Select the save option.

The wallpaper will automatically download and save to your device drive location.

3D Islamic Wallpapers Download

3D Islamic Wallpapers Free Download

Beautiful Islamic Wallpapers

Best Islamic Wallpapers

Islamic HD Wallpapers Free Download

Islamic HD Wallpapers 1080

Islamic HD Wallpapers 1080P

Islamic Images Wallpapers

Islamic Pictures Wallpapers

Islamic Wallpaper 2018

Islamic Wallpaper For Mobile

Islamic Wallpaper

Islamic Wallpapers 2018

Islamic Wallpapers For Android

Islamic Wallpapers Download

Islamic Wallpapers For Facebook

Islamic Wallpapers For IPhone

Islamic Wallpapers For Mobile

Islamic Wallpapers For PC

Islamic Wallpapers Free

Islamic Wallpapers HD 1080P

Islamic Wallpapers HD Full Size

Islamic Wallpapers HD

Islamic Wallpapers

Enjoy the best collection of Islamic wallpapers and share with your friends and family. JazakAllah. ( Download Good Morning Images HD )

70+ UAE National Day Wallpapers, Pics, Pictures HD {2019}

UAE National Day Wallpapers: For all who have been waiting for wallpapers of the national day will be pleased to view this collection of 70+ UAE national day wallpaper.

These interesting and cool wallpaper ideas are for the people of all the seven emirates of UAE.

You can celebrate the UAE national day by sharing these wallpapers with your loved ones.

With these wallpaper ideas, I wish a very happy national day to the people of UAE.

This year we are going to celebrate the 46th UAE national day.

In order share the national feelings of unity these wallpaper can be used on your smartphone or desktop in order to express love for UAE.

All these wallpapers are designed very creatively.

In these backgrounds, you will find the images of flags, national heroes, and logo.

The best thing about these backgrounds is that they are made using the colors present in the UAE flag.

Every year we share the new collection with our readers.

Friends! Let me tell you one thing that you can also download the UAE wallpapers free from our website.

Trust me you have seen such a collection of wallpapers before.

These backgrounds make us remember the struggle of our heroes. Some of the wallpapers will be 3D in their designs.

UAE National Day Wallpaper 2017

The spark of these UAE national day wallpapers is present among the people of every age group.

Apart from the wallpapers, there are so many other ways to celebrate the UAE national through the parade, fireworks, drawings, national day nail art designs and much more.

Every country celebrates its national day with full enthusiasm.

The creative designers have beautifully made these wallpapers so that people get a fair chance to express their unconditional love for the country.

There you go with these 70+ UAE national day wallpaper ideas.

70+ UAE National Day Wallpaper

UAE National Day Wallpaper

UAE National Day Wallpapers 2017

National Day Fly Emirates

National Day Car Images

2017 UAE National Day

UAE National Day Air Show

UAE National Day Air Show

UAE National Day pics

National Day Of UAE

UAE Flag National Day

UAE National Day Car Wallpapers

UAE National Day Celebrations

46th UAE National Day Celebrations Ideas

46th UAE National Day Wallpapers

Dubai National Day

Dubai National Day


National Day OF UAE Wallpapers

Image Of National Day UAE

HD Uae

2 December UAE

National Day UAE Celebrations

UAE National Day Celebrations

46th UAE National Day


UAE National Day Deals- Offers, 2018

UAE National Day Deals: UAE national day comes once in a year and it is celebrated with enthusiasm and honor in all over UAE.

People celebrate the national day by going out of their house like in parks, hotels and shopping malls.

UAE national day deals include discount vouchers, discount meal plan, coupons for shopping and other combo deals.

During the celebrations of UAE national day, different hotels of Dubai and Abu Dhabi gives 20 % exclusive extra discount on various meals plans and booking.

If you want to enjoy unforgettable national day celebrations then you must city with your friends and family because on this day cities and streets are lighted with colors.

You can enjoy street food and delicious meals on road side restaurants offering UAE national day deals in their food items.

Deals will be offered on first come first serve basis. People who are fashion freak and they love shopping, they can get benefit from the shopping discount deals.

UAE National Day Deals

UAE National Day Deals 2018

People with kids and families go outside and enjoy shopping on this national day.

Those who prefer staying in their home and don’t want to go out in crowded places can also get benefit from online discounted UAE national day deals, coupons, and vouchers.

These deals include electronic items, clothing, accessories, and kitchen and home items.

People get easily attracted to the electronic deals because young people are interested to purchase the latest electronic gadgets at discounted prices.

I myself enjoy the national day with my best buddies.

We go outside to enjoy the attractions. We get a feeling that we are really free to do anything in our country.

Recently the news that women are allowed to drive the car, so it gave them more freedom to live a happy life.

I also enjoy the UAE national day deals on different food items with my buddies.

UAE National Day Drawings [2018]

UAE National Day Drawings: The person of every age group expresses his love for the country.

In the same way on UAE national day, we see kids praise their country through UAE national day drawings.

A number of activities are performed at school level where the children make drawings depicting the UAE flag, map, national heroes, and falcon.

The activity is done with great attention and interest on little kids.

These are the pre-national day activities at schools.

When the national day comes, their drawings are displayed on the soft boards to appreciate the work of children so that next time they can work more passionately.

UAE National Day Drawings 2018

The colors used in the drawings are green, red, white and black.

The kids normally use pencil colors in their drawings.

The adults and teenagers who are mature and more experienced use water colors and poster colors in their UAE national day drawings and paintings.

Kids are more interested in making drawings of flag, date trees and camels.

The parents are pleased to see their children actively participating in UAE national celebrations at the school level.

The children can also make these drawing at home and you can put them on display in their rooms as well.

The basic purpose of UAE national day drawings in to evoke the spirit of the national day among children.

They must know the importance of their country.

They should learn the importance of national struggle on the part of their heroes. So that in their future, these children be the great contributors in the progress of their country.

So the parents, as well as teachers, should encourage the children to take part in drawing competitions in schools arranged on UAE national day.

These innocent drawings are appreciated by distributing gifts to their makers.

Such type of national day activities must be a part of every institution.

46th UAE National Day Drawings

46th UAE National Day Drawings 2017

UAE National Day Drwaings
Source: https://img00.deviantart.net/1758/i/2010/336/6/8/uae_national_day_39_by_g_code-d341oxt.jpg


UAE National Day Drwaings 2017
Source: http://orig14.deviantart.net/9be1/f/2011/351/f/3/uae_national_day_by_ayome_sama-d4jc1sf.jpg
UAE National Day Drawing
Source: https://img00.deviantart.net/f36f/i/2015/192/2/9/uae_national_day_3_by_2shjan-d87ky1l.png
46th UAE National Day Drwaing
Source: https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/disp/7551de12499417.5626a9389c31d.png

UAE National Day Images

Source: https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/disp/7551de12499417.5626a9389c31d.png
Source: https://img00.deviantart.net/9468/i/2015/337/1/0/uae_national_day_by_2shjan-d87kwiy.png
Source: https://img05.deviantart.net/851e/i/2015/337/b/5/happy_44_national_day__uae__by_2shjan-d9iv9ie.png
Source: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/sites/default/files/styles/full_img/public/images/2011/11/30/Google12.jpg